Friday, 28 August 2015

How To Increase Traffic on your Website / Blog

Many bloggers own very interesting blogs and websites but they dot get a good traffic because of lack of promotion or such things. Marketing is as much important as Quality and unique content for your blog. Your earnings from blog are directly related to the amount of traffic you can generate for your blog. (Internet Traffic means the number of people who visit your Blog / Website). So you need to learn various methods to get proper traffic directed to your Blog / Website so that your earnings may increase to a considerable level.

Here we are going to introduce one method to get a good traffic on your blog / Website.

The method which we are going to introduce here is known as “Traffic Exchange Method”. As it is obvious from the name, you will surf on their website and as a result, they will direct users to your website, thus exchanging the traffic in an efficient, reliable and quick manner. : is the most popular site which enables you to get exchange traffic for your website / blog / referral links. It has 790,00 registered members.

Working Logarithm:

The working logarithm of this site is 2:1 or 1:1. There are two membership plans. One is free and the other is premium. In free membership, you will surf their website for 20 seconds in order to get 0.5 credits. This means that surfing for 40 seconds will give you one credit and one credit will give you one visitor to your website. It is 2:1 plan. Now premium membership plans offer you 1 credit for surfing 15 seconds on their website and one credit gives you one visitor to your blog / website. It is 1:1 plan.

How to get Started :

1.  Signup for using your email account.
2.  Now you have to verify you email id.
3.  After verification, login to using your credentials.
4.  Now add the link of your blog / website / referral to which you want to direct the traffic.
5.  Confirm your Website / Blog / Referral link.
6.  Just click on start surfing button to start surfing according to your plan.
7.  Once 15 / 20 seconds (according to selected plan) are completed, just click your mouse button on duplicate image to get the credits.
8. Now click on my text ads, my banners, my website to add credits and start get traffic using according to your membership plan.

Referral Program:

You will get 0.10 $ for every referral when he / she completes surfing 100 websites. There is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th referral programs offered by easyhits4u and the details are clearly explained by the photo.

Many Seasonal Bonuses are also available on the website for a limited period of time. Just Sign up for Start increasing your earnings rapidly by this quick traffic exchange program for your website / blog / referral.

Good luck to all bloggers.

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