Monday, 31 August 2015

How To Create Your Website For Free

Are you a passionate blogger? Want to launch your website? Don’t have enough funds for buying website domain? Can’t afford hosting charges? Worried about how will you make through this?

Well, in this post, we are going to give you brief information on how to make your website for free. No website domain charges. No hosting charges. Yes!!! Absolutely.

It’s a general perception that if someone wants to make a website, he / she has to bear some heavy expenses on pockets. Website domain is expensive and website hosting charges are always responsible to make you go out of budget. But those days are far gone away a long time ago. Now anyone among you can make a website without any expenditures and skills. Just follow some tips here and you will be able to launch your site after reading this blog.

If you are attached with local business, owning a school, want to launch your business, have some services to offer or you want to do anything which needs to reach out people via internet, then you can create your website for free.

There are many websites available on internet which gives you the facility to create your own website. Wordpress and blogger are one of the best among them.


  1. Type or in your address bar. (Which ever you want to use.)
  2. Create an account for free.
  3. Just click on the option “CREATE NEW BLOG”.
  4. Enter the name you want to give to your blog. (Can Be changed)
  5. Enter the address you want to give to your blog. (Cannot be changed)
  6. Just click on the “CREATE BLOG” option and your blog is created.
  7. Just go to the dashboard of your blog for the customization stuff.
  8. You can select a theme you want to use for your blog from a number of available themes.
  9. Do make some changes in the settings according to your own requirements.
  10. Now go the “POST” option.
  11. Get some quality content ready for your blog and start posting.

It is as easy as this. Your website is all ready to accept content from your side and that content can be of any type. You don’t need to write some hectic professional codes to add content to your site. Just perform the customizations and use the user friendly options available on the website.

You can add content on your website based on the purposed for which it is designed. Make sure that the content is unique else Google will kill your website and you won’t be able to earn via Google Adsense and other financial earning gadgets like this. Make sure to keep your blog as much active as you can. Do perform some SEO and get traffic so that you can make it to google search.

Some websites which can help you to create your website are

Some websites which can help you in this regards are:



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