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Are you working hard to make your both ends meet? Can’t make enough to fulfill your daily expenses? Looking for an online job to make some money? Looking for a part time job? Don’t have any exceptional skill which you can offer on freelancing sites? Tired of being cheated by frauds with internet money earning methods? Here we bring you the easiest method to earn a lot on internet by just giving some time and devotion to it. No skills required. No experience is required.

If you are reluctant to take risks, then this is the best method which can help you in this regard. Just Follow the simple steps mentioned in our blog to earn as much as you want depending on your hardwork and patience.


You can make money on internet by just sharing and uploading the media files. You have to upload or share the files on any of the under mentioned websites and you will get a download link for that content. You can share the files with your friends on social media sites and public forums like:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. Blogs
5. Websites
6. Discussion Forums
7. Email marketing

The earnings you make generally depends on number of downloads you can get on your posts. Mostly, every website affiliated with this method pays you after getting 1000 downloads from your posts.


You can make money using this method in three ways. Just understand the methods mentioned below.

Pay as per Downloads:

If your uploaded link or shared link (By whatever method you have done this thing) has got minimum 1000 downloads for the content provided to you by the website, then you will get paid by those websites. The pay generally ranges from 10$ - 40$. The pay depends on geographical location generally from where the files are downloaded.


You will get an unique URL for your profile after registering for the website. You can send that link to your friends and family members. If anyone uses that link to get their selves registered for the same task for the same website, you will always get 10% to 40% of their earnings and their earnings are not deducted. It is like you also are paid with 10% to 40% of their earnings too. 

Premium Account Commissions:

This thing is relatively different from the above mentioned methods. If anyone uses the link you have provided for the premium account signup, you will get some fixed commission from the website as well as some percentage of their earnings which usually depends on the website for which you are working.


  1. Signup for any website that offers file sharing service.
  2. Upload their provided files from your account to get a download link.
  3. Share it with everyone.
  4. Get paid for every 1000 downloads.

How To Create Your Website For Free

Are you a passionate blogger? Want to launch your website? Don’t have enough funds for buying website domain? Can’t afford hosting charges? Worried about how will you make through this?

Well, in this post, we are going to give you brief information on how to make your website for free. No website domain charges. No hosting charges. Yes!!! Absolutely.

It’s a general perception that if someone wants to make a website, he / she has to bear some heavy expenses on pockets. Website domain is expensive and website hosting charges are always responsible to make you go out of budget. But those days are far gone away a long time ago. Now anyone among you can make a website without any expenditures and skills. Just follow some tips here and you will be able to launch your site after reading this blog.

If you are attached with local business, owning a school, want to launch your business, have some services to offer or you want to do anything which needs to reach out people via internet, then you can create your website for free.

There are many websites available on internet which gives you the facility to create your own website. Wordpress and blogger are one of the best among them.


  1. Type or in your address bar. (Which ever you want to use.)
  2. Create an account for free.
  3. Just click on the option “CREATE NEW BLOG”.
  4. Enter the name you want to give to your blog. (Can Be changed)
  5. Enter the address you want to give to your blog. (Cannot be changed)
  6. Just click on the “CREATE BLOG” option and your blog is created.
  7. Just go to the dashboard of your blog for the customization stuff.
  8. You can select a theme you want to use for your blog from a number of available themes.
  9. Do make some changes in the settings according to your own requirements.
  10. Now go the “POST” option.
  11. Get some quality content ready for your blog and start posting.

It is as easy as this. Your website is all ready to accept content from your side and that content can be of any type. You don’t need to write some hectic professional codes to add content to your site. Just perform the customizations and use the user friendly options available on the website.

You can add content on your website based on the purposed for which it is designed. Make sure that the content is unique else Google will kill your website and you won’t be able to earn via Google Adsense and other financial earning gadgets like this. Make sure to keep your blog as much active as you can. Do perform some SEO and get traffic so that you can make it to google search.

Some websites which can help you to create your website are

Some websites which can help you in this regards are:




Well in this century demands of people had got fostered and to meet them they want money. Folks use numerous schemes for making their living like office jobs, businesses etc. etc. and one of the fashion in these days is to earn money through blogging. But “how”? This is the question whose answer is known by really less number of people but as soon as one gets to know that then life becomes easy for him. He can earn money while sitting in his home working through his laptop or smart phone and in whatever part of the day he wants. It’s an independent job. 

One can earn money by incorporating information links to his website or blog etc. etc. normally while surfing through internet we come across a some special words in text and as soon as the cursor pass through them a short advertisement related to that word or article which you are reading appears and if someone intentionally or unintentionally clicks on it the owner of the blog or website get paid as he has promoted some business product using his blog and the visitor that is you became the source of his earning. Normally we just ignore these kind of things but secretly they are one of the biggest source of earning in online marketing and blogging. This is called an in -text advertisement. Actually it is a kind of marketing process in which specific words of an article or blog are matched with relevant ads present on web which are beneficial for the visitor. In this process keywords will be underlined and fused with ads and as soon as your blog is integrated with info links you can start earning money with little effort.

Even the best part of it is that you can start earning from this pretty moment that does not have to do something with your current status or with your blog’s current views.

It is a user friendly three stage process:

  1. Sin up on info links.
  2. Paste code.
  3. Get paid.

You can use blogger to generate traffic for other websites. This can generate traffic for you blog too. So you will get paid by the traffic diversion agency as well as your Gadget like google adsense or any other.

Moreover, after blog, you can also launch your professional website in this regard too and blogging experience will worth make you a good website designer in this regard. Just get a topic of public interest and start your blog right now to earn piles and loads of money.

Beat these links to start getting benefit from this service.

If you are an expert in blogging and know some ways to earn through a blog or website do share them with us. Who knows that might be help full for someone who is just a beginner or a well-established blogger.

Share your views with us!


Are you a beginner?

Tired of typical and old earning methods?

Looking for a new and interesting method to earn money on internet?

Want to increase your income to fulfill your requirements?

Looking for a way to make passive money?

If the answer to all the above mentioned questions is yes, then you have landed on a perfect platform. Here we will help you to make some online passive money using internet via some new and interesting earning techniques. 

Most of the people want to earn online money using various methods but fail due to lack of experience or for not having proper knowledge about the methods. We have also come across many websites which claim high but prove to be scams. We are doing some heavy research on internet for a long time to help you get some easy earning methods and tricks on internet. Here are some easy tricks to earn online and they give you money for sure.

Online EBay Seller:

Everyone has heard about online shopping as it is very common nowadays. The most popular site of online buying and selling nationally and internationally is just sell anything on Ebay and earn money. You can sell anything here from your shoes to the most antiques and valuables such as your coin collection or your 200 years old wrist watch.

Become a Blogger:

Blogging on internet can give you loads of money. Blogger does not mean that you always need to be a top journalist or a celebrity or running a business and something like that. Just get an interesting topic which most of the people search on internet. Provide some unique and quality content which is understandable by people. You can just make your blog and start writing on that blog on routine basis. You need to get traffic to your blog too for making it visible in internet searches.

Pay Per Clicks:

Many websites offer you pay per clicks system for earning. They have ads and links to which they have to drive the traffic. So they places those ads and links on their websites, a user logs in and click those websites. As a result they get their desired traffic to their website as well as for their clients’ websites too. So they pay you for clicking on their ads and links. Some websites offer as much as 0.10$ per click so you can make as much money as you want using this method.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is a great earning method which pays for displaying their ads to a specific number of audience using your platform which can be your blog or your website. Google Adsnese registration is free. If the team of Google adsense passes your website or blog and mark it as suitable, then you will start getting customized Google Ads. Moving further with this thing will give you more information regarding this way of earning.

5 Best Freelancing Sites to start your career with

Making enough money to make your ends meet is not an easy task nowadays. As it requires a full time job as well as a part time side job to earn enough so you can spend a good life. So for part time jobs, freelancing is the best option to start with because you are free with your timings and skills on freelancing websites.

Earlier, we have posted brief guidelines about how to start freelancing career. Now we will tell you about the best 10 freelancing websites that can give you a good start.

Upwork (Formerly Odesk):

If you are good at something, and looking for offers to your skills, then Upwork (Formerly Odesk) is a perfect place for you because it is a platform with 1.5 million clients, with long term and short term projects, hourly and fixed price projects. So it is sure that there must be something on Upwork (Formerly Odesk) related to your skills. All you need to do is build a strong profile, upload some good portfolios that clearly depict your skills, post bids on the projects posted by the clients and get hired. It is as simple as it seems.

TopTal :

TopTal is having a different approach from other freelancing websites available on the list. TopTal is for talented, skillful and seasoned writers to start their freelancing career. If you pass the TopTals Screening process, it will give you an unmatched access to great clients with extremely fair rates for your services. At TopTal they value your services by paying fair amounts. You can also avail many tech events sponsored by TopTal.


When you come to freelancing, there comes a lot of hassle with you. If you want to get rid of that hassle, just join Elance. Elance enables you to make earnings without passing through difficult hoops as other sites. Here at Elance, you always enjoy a payment security to make sure that you are paid for the hours you have worked.


By keeping the basic services same, Unlike all other Freelancing websites, Freelancer allows its freelancers to compete with other freelancers in contests and awards them with badges and good profits. It is a great platform to showcase your skills and abilities if you are confident and good at your skills.


It’s a common perception that craigslist is just a platform to buy and sell things. But don’t look at craigslist with this perspective if you are a freelancer. It actually brings you a great platform for selling your skills too. Just mention your skills, make a rate gig and someone will buy your skills by offering you some good earnings.

So if you are a writer, a graphic designer, a database manager, a programmer, an engineer or whatever skills you have. You will definitely find some sort of jobs at good and fair prices for you at these freelancing websites.

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How To Increase Traffic on your Website / Blog

Many bloggers own very interesting blogs and websites but they dot get a good traffic because of lack of promotion or such things. Marketing is as much important as Quality and unique content for your blog. Your earnings from blog are directly related to the amount of traffic you can generate for your blog. (Internet Traffic means the number of people who visit your Blog / Website). So you need to learn various methods to get proper traffic directed to your Blog / Website so that your earnings may increase to a considerable level.

Here we are going to introduce one method to get a good traffic on your blog / Website.

The method which we are going to introduce here is known as “Traffic Exchange Method”. As it is obvious from the name, you will surf on their website and as a result, they will direct users to your website, thus exchanging the traffic in an efficient, reliable and quick manner. : is the most popular site which enables you to get exchange traffic for your website / blog / referral links. It has 790,00 registered members.

Working Logarithm:

The working logarithm of this site is 2:1 or 1:1. There are two membership plans. One is free and the other is premium. In free membership, you will surf their website for 20 seconds in order to get 0.5 credits. This means that surfing for 40 seconds will give you one credit and one credit will give you one visitor to your website. It is 2:1 plan. Now premium membership plans offer you 1 credit for surfing 15 seconds on their website and one credit gives you one visitor to your blog / website. It is 1:1 plan.

How to get Started :

1.  Signup for using your email account.
2.  Now you have to verify you email id.
3.  After verification, login to using your credentials.
4.  Now add the link of your blog / website / referral to which you want to direct the traffic.
5.  Confirm your Website / Blog / Referral link.
6.  Just click on start surfing button to start surfing according to your plan.
7.  Once 15 / 20 seconds (according to selected plan) are completed, just click your mouse button on duplicate image to get the credits.
8. Now click on my text ads, my banners, my website to add credits and start get traffic using according to your membership plan.

Referral Program:

You will get 0.10 $ for every referral when he / she completes surfing 100 websites. There is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th referral programs offered by easyhits4u and the details are clearly explained by the photo.

Many Seasonal Bonuses are also available on the website for a limited period of time. Just Sign up for Start increasing your earnings rapidly by this quick traffic exchange program for your website / blog / referral.

Good luck to all bloggers.

How To Earn Money on Internet as a Freelancer - A complete and comprehensive guide

As our expenses are increasing day by day, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to manage the household expenditures in one job salary. So everyone is looking for online methods to earn money nowadays. Online jobs provide you many facilities like there is no restriction of timing schedule. You can do your work whenever you want to. Just Turn on your computer whenever you want. Go to the internet. Find the jobs you expertise in, and complete them online for your clients.

You can be your own boss when you enter in the field of freelancing. You decide your own working timings here. You decide your own budgets. You can work on hourly as well as fixed prices for clients. You can manage your daily workload and can take as much work as you can do easily within specific time. In short, you can earn as much as you want to by being exceptional at the skills you offer.

Some important things to know before starting a successful Freelancing career are mentioned here.

  • First of all, just make sure that your family is supporting you in this cause. As freelancing demands for time, so don’t let it become a hurdle in your family relationships.
  • Most people are in a habit of working in a group and they can seek for the help of others when they encounter any problem. But being a freelancer, mostly you have to work alone on the projects so make sure that you can do it.
  • As a freelancer, you are your own boss so you are held responsible to everything when it comes to the satisfaction of client. There won’t be anyone around you to have a check on you that you are maintaining the quality of work and meeting your deadlines. So you need to be your own personal assistant as well as you must hold yourself accountable for everything.
  • Freelancing is generally so tempting that most of the people start giving their whole days and nights to freelancing. That’s where they need self-discipline. You can do as much work as you can on your desired costs but not on the cost of your health. So make sure that you can have a proper schedule that is not going to disturb your health and routine.
  • You need to deal yourself with your clients directly so you must be having strong communication and persuasive skills. Moreover, proper command in presentation skills is also a necessary thing to be a successful freelancer. You need to be calm, respectful, courteous and direct with your communications and there is no room for sarcasm at all.
  • One of the most important things is that you must learn to negotiate. As freelancing is most about negotiations on quality, quantity, nature, timings, salary etc. So you must not let your emotions take over your deals. Just negotiate in a professional way.
  • You must not let your emotions take over you. As your job applications will be sometimes accepted and sometimes rejected, so don’t take such things heavy on your heart. Sometimes clients do offer such little amount to work that many people find it as a disgrace to their talent. That’s the time when you need to control your emotions and don’t act offensive. Just keep calm and say good bye to such idiots. Remember, you are selling your abilities, so make the clients value them.
  • You need to be a regular researcher in you field and should be acknowledged about the latest advancements and trending in your fields. This is the key point which marks your success. Just be updated about the latest trending, get yourself ready for them and work on them because latest trending mostly gives you more money.   
  • Always price your services and abilities fairly. As the client mostly see your profile rate and somehow evaluate the rating of quality and quantity you can provide by his / her experience. Don’t make your rates too high so that client can’t afford you for his / her tasks. Don’t price yourself too low so that client gets into confusion about your skills. Make a fair offer so that you can get hired quickly.
  • You must be able to meet the clients deadlines. As many people take a lot of work in temptation of money. They keep on doing their full time job and cannot concentrate on the freelancing jobs. As a result, the desired requirements of clients are not met, and the profile rating or credibility of that freelancer falls down immensely which becomes a great hurdle in his/ her way towards successful freelancing career. So make sure that you take that much amount of work which you can provide to the clients within the decided deadline limits.
Freelancing is such a field which can give you so much if you are creative, devoted, hardworking and honest with yourself as well as your clients. Just make sure to decide all the facts about the job like timings, prices, requirements, quantity, quality etc before starting the job. It is very beneficial for both, client and freelancer to agree on terms before the work so that both can limit their expectations and resources. Whenever there is any confusion, just ask the client for further orders.

Always choose the clients with good profile rating to make sure that they will pay you because many unverified clients do frauds with new freelancers and don’t pay them for their work. But when a freelancer get used to any freelancing site, he can identify well about the history of client. Freelancer also needs to make sure that the freelancing site should be compatible with the payment method of client as well as freelancer, else, one can face great difficulty in the procedure of withdrawing funds.

So Good Luck with your Freelancing career.