Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to make very effective Title and Description Tags

Today I am going to share a killer strategy for making very effective and attention grabbing page titles and descriptions to get more clicks in SERPS.

For this first we have to know what people want to click on. That is easy, put the keyword in Google search and see the Adwords ads for that keyword. All we know that these ads are placed after hundreds or even thousands of split tests to maximize the clicks on those ads.

You can use the elements of those ads in your title and description tags to get more clicks.
Now I am going to show you the example:

Let’s say that you are going to publish a blog post optimized for the keyword “glass water bottles”
First, take a look at the Adwords ads for that keyword:

Keep an eye out for interesting copy from the ads that you can work into your title and description.
In our “glass water bottles” example, we have phrases like:
  • BPA-free
  • with straws
  • Drink like a boss
  • USA made
  • Reusable
Here’s how the title and description tags might look:

Title Tag:

Glass Water Bottles | Reusable and BPA Free


Drink like a boss with these USA made, BPA free water bottles with straws. These reusable bottles are durable and affordable.

As you can see, these tags include words that are proven to generate clicks.

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