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A complete guide to High PR Domains Business

Purchasing a good brand new domain name or some expired domain with very good metrics and sell them at high rate has become very popular and easy to earn business now a days.

What is a good domain name (Brand New)?

A combination of words, digits or even numbers that make some sense is called a good domain name. For example (a premium domain name according to Go Daddy). In this domain we can easily understand that this website belongs to wedding niche. Domain names which are easy to remember and short are considered as good domain names. These type of domain names are also called premium domain name. See this for reference 

What are expired domains?

When domain name reached to its expiry date and owner of that domain do not renew the domain, it is not immediately deleted, but it stops to work. This type of domain is called an expired domain. 

What are deleted Domains?
When no one claims for expired domain, then after certain amount of time, it is dropped or deleted by the domain registrar.

What is the difference between Expired and deleted domains?

The registrant of expired domain has a period of time to renew that even after the domain has expired and a deleted domain is that which is available to every one for register.

How we can find Expired domains?

The most reliable and best site to search expired domains is ExpiredDomain.Net. You can find freshly expired domains daily as this site updates regularly.

What is important in a good expired domain?

Before buying some expired domain you should check out the domain’s metrics such as PR (Page rank), DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Quality of PR, External Backlinks, EDU Backlinks, GOV Backlinks, Referring Domains, domain age, trust flow, citation flow, indexing in Google and most importantly the anchor texts used to build backlinks.

How can we check the metrics of a domain?

This is a very common question. Everyone who wants to enter in the domain business, wants to know the answer of this question. So here is the answer of all your questions:

  • To Check Citation flow, Trust Flow and Overview of Backlink Phrases:

  • To check Spam Score:

  • To check the value of domain name and searches (Exact and Broad Match):
  • To check availability of domain :
Where can I register a domain?

There are a lot of domain registrant in the market. But most of the experts suggest these two registrant as they are cheap than most of other domain registrars.
If you have any other question or query related to domain business you can ask us.

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